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MyIDGold: Canadian Hosting for Small Businesses from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MyIDGold is our canadian hosting package geared towards small businesses and enthusiasts. It is fully featured and includes tons of space, bandwidth, and a great array of features at an amazing price. It is the correct choice for established small businesses and web enthusiasts . This is the larger of 2 canadian hosting packages we have that are geared towards small businesses. You get 250 MB of web space, 10 POP email addresses with webmail, a control panel, and 5 GB transfer per month, more than enough for canadian hosting needs of most small businesses and web enthusiasts . You also get the very popular Password protected directories, unlimited email forwarding and autoresponders, an online FTP manager, usage stats and backups. You will have your own cgi-bin and PHP,PERL, and Python scripts. You can conduct secure transactions either by using our secure certificate for free or getting your own. Detailed usage statistics are available as well as mailing lists to stay in touch with your customers. And you get MySQL database with PhpMyAdmin

The full list of features of MyIDGold, the canadian hosting package for small businesses includes:

  • Reliable canadian hosting from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Low cost canadian hosting geared towards small businesses at less than $17 CDN per month when paid yearly
  • 500 MB web space
  • 12.5 GB transfer per month
  • 10 FTP accounts allowing you to update your site at your own leisure 24x7. Each FTP account can have its separate webspace
  • 10 POP3 email accounts with webmail access, spam filtering and advanced virus protection
  • State of the art control panel with online FTP manager, email forwarding manager, backups, autoresponders, password protected directories, usage stats, raw logs and more
  • Your own cgi-bin with PERL, Python and PHP support
  • MySQL database scripting and PhpMyAdmin
  • FrontPage extensions
  • Free use of our SSL certificate to conduct secure transactions on the web. Or get your own SSL certificate for a low price
  • 99.97% uptime guarantee
  • Startup manual and monthly tips ezine
  • Superfast connection with redundant backbone
  • Responsive and personable 24x7 email customer support
  • Extensive online knowledge base that guides you through various tasks


This is our fully featured canadian hosting package for established small businesses. It includes every service we offer throughout the range of canadian hosting packages we have.

if there is need for more space, bandwidth, and/or email addresses, a larger web hosting package needs to be purchased. We have numerous choices for all budgets. You can check the table comparing  these packages to each other here, INC. is certified by CIRA, the canadian entity assigned by the government of Canada to manage the canadian .ca domains, as a CIRA certified .ca canadian domains registrar. Click here to verify
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