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In addition to our standard single domain canadian web hosting packages, we offer specialized hosting e.g. email and multiple domain hosting.
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Reseller Hosting Program: 7 Reseller Hosting PLans, No Setup

Our reseller hosting program has 7 different reseller hosting plans of various sizes up to 150 domains per reseller hosting plan. This reseller hosting program is great for graphic designers, web programmers, and those that have many clients with web hosting needs.

If you are interested in becoming a hosting reseller, We offer highly featured, easily manageable, greatly priced and completely transparent reseller hosting solutions using your own brand and nameservers. We remain completely invisible and at no time does anyone know we are there so you have no risk of losing your customers. Our reseller hosting packages are cheap, affordable, and low cost. You pay no setup fee on all 7 reseller hosting plans and as low as $3.12 CDN per domain hosted per month.

You can also take advantage of our canadian domains reseller packages again offering you full control and state of the art easy management of your clients' domain registration needs.

Here's how our hosting reseller program works:

  • You purchase a reseller hosting plan defined by hosting space, transfer bandwidth, email addresses, and domain names.
  • You get a branded master control panel [ Screenshots ] that allows you to create websites and specify how much web space, bandwidth transfer, and email addresses this website gets. In addition, you can specify which of the features available you want that website to have.
  • We are completely transparent and appears nowhere. You get private nameservers and your master control panel will have no mention of us nowhere. It  is also branded with your company logo.
  • You have the ability to track bandwidth and space used for any of your clients' websites.
  • Each of your customers gets a state of the art and very easy to use control panel that allows them full web site management at extreme ease. This translates into saving you great amount of support time.
  • Each of your client's websites enjoys a fantastic backbone and infrastructure and great connectivity that translates into 99.97% guaranteed uptime.
  • Your customers will have great features like spam free, virus free email addresses, unlimited autoresponders, mailing lists, and email forwarding, backups, online file manager, password protected directories, webmail, and many more. You can review our full list of features here.
  • You set your own prices and handle all issues related to your customers including billing, customer support, and technical support. We support you regarding any question you may have. Our support is well known to be very personable and responsive.
  • No long term contracts. You can go year to year or month to month if you choose.
  • You can make use of our online knowledge base and make a branded version available to your customers.
In summary, our reseller hosting plans allow you to run your own hosting company for no startup cost and no server management hassle. You can be up and running within hours of placing order. You will have full management over all aspects of your created websites in a very transparent manner. You benefit from a great backbone, infrastructure, and connectivity and our 99.97% uptime guarantee

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